About Us

About Us

In 2014, an interdisciplinary team of experts in clinical cancer genetics convened to solve a growing problem – patient access. With such a small group of trained practitioners with genetics expertise, there was a need to make the process more efficient, team-based, and scalable.

We aim to bring predictive analytics to the world of cancer care, starting with simple digital tools to predict, pre-empt, and prevent adverse outcomes in cancer.

Our Leadership

Haibo Lu
Vice President of Product

Feyi Olopade Ayodele
Chief Executive Officer


Chris Bun
Chief Technology Officer

Our Experience

With a growing team of software engineers and patients who understand the cancer risk assessment journey, CancerIQ builds products that patients and providers will use and love. Our product development team works hard to make our software sleek and reliable. Our operations team helps our customers address daily problems. And our product advisory boards make sure we stay focused on our mission – saving lives. To join our Patient Advisory Board and Clinical Advisory Board, contact us!

Our Skills

Clinical Operations and Patient Care
Product Design

Team Members

Michael Bowles
Business Development

Oscar Cisneros Jr.

Alexa McCarthy

Troy Leach

Cody Roberts

Sadie Freedman
Product Strategy

Andrew Tang

Ethen Kent
Software Engineer

Product Advisors and Collaborators

Dr. Funmi Olopade, MD
University of Chicago

Dr. Jeff Weitzel, MD
City of Hope

Dr. Kathy Blazer, Ed.D., M.S., L.C.G.C.
City of Hope

Andrea Forman, CGC
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Dr. Kent Hoskins, MD
University of Illinois

Shelly Cummings, CGC

Dr. Marie Wood
Fletcher Allen Health Care

Catherine Wang, PhD
Boston University

Partners and Investors

We're Hiring!