For OBGYN Practices

Solutions for OBGYN Practices

Peace of mind that you’re a step ahead of cancer

Identify Patients at Risk

Flag patients at risk instantly

Take Action

Move from knowledge of risk to action

Improve Outcomes

Engage with patients over time to make sure they adhere to medical management recommendations

Gather family history data without disrupting workflow

Take the documentation burden off your staff and gather data directly from patients

  • Offer flexible and bite-sized questionnaire modules that can be completed in the course of a clinical encounter

  • Have confidence that over 85% of patients will be able complete the questionnaire on their own without staff assistance

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An interactive pedigree that does the work for you

A pedigree built for engagement 

  • Auto-generated pedigree can be used as a visual aid to guide family history discussions

  • Easily edit the pedigree in real-time and add notes in session while with the patient

  • Streamline insurance pre-authorization with print-ready pedigrees that include relevant annotations

Instantly Report Risk-Assessment Results

Real-time reports providers and patients can use right away

  • Automatically calculate and notify patients of their risk factors once their screening is complete

  • Immediately send results to patients via email with a clear call to action to schedule an appointment if needed

  • Generate reports to send to other members of the patient’s care team and family

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Generate documentation with one click

Clinical notes and letters that won’t slow you down

  • Pre-populated letter and note templates cut your admin time in half, leaving more time for patient care

  • Seamlessly import all notes and documentation from CancerIQ into your EMR

Automatic patient navigation to specialized services

Never lose patients to follow-up

  • Leverage email to reconnect with patients in need of risk reduction services or ongoing surveillance

  • Supplement email outreach by using CancerIQ to manage phone call lists and mass mailers

  • Record all patient outreach efforts and set outreach reminders to improve long-term engagement

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