CancerIQ for Genetic Counselors

Solutions for Genetic Counselors

An end-to-end software solution that goes beyond pedigree drawing so genetic counselors can spend less time on admin and more time on patient care

Increase Visit Capacity

By allowing genetic counselors to spend less time on cumbersome paperwork and improve productivity

Capture more Referrals

Through tools that keep the patient engaged before the appointment and reduce no-show rates

Capture Downstream Revenue

By empowering genetic counseling teams with tools that help patients take the next step toward prevention

Collect family history and cancer risk data with ease

So appointments can be spent on patient careĀ 

  • Patients complete questionnaires split into bite-sized pieces in the comfort of their own home

  • Email prompts remind the patient to complete the questionnaire before the appointment.

CancerIQ digital family history tool for Genetic Counselors
CancerIQ pedigree-drawing tool for genetic counselors

A flexible pedigree drawing tool that works for your practice

And a clean andĀ user-friendly design that is a step above the rest

  • Auto-generate a pedigree to use as a visual aid to guide family history discussions

  • Easily edit the pedigree in real-time and add notes in session while with the patient

  • Streamline insurance pre-authorization with print-ready pedigrees that include relevant annotations

Take the insurance and testing forms off your plate

So you never get hung up on paperwork

  • Order genetic tests from a library of vendors right in the CancerIQ platform

  • Even the most onerous Insurance forms and test requisition forms can be pre-populated by clicking a few buttons

Auto-generated insurance pre-authorization forms for Genetic Counselors
Risk assessment tool for genetic counselors

Risk models all in one place

To immediately generate risk estimates and gather more insight

  • Easily generate a Gail, Clause and Tyrer-Cuzick score for every patient all in one place

  • Keep a record of negative test results and generate risk models needed to validate changes in medical management

Generate documentation with one click

Cut out admin days for good

  • Generate patient-friendly letters for your patient and their family members

  • Pre-populate clinical documentation notes with already embedded with patient-specific information

  • Seamlessly import all notes and documentation from CancerIQ into any EMR, including an image of the pedigree

Automate patient follow-up

Make an impact on long-term prevention and early detection

  • Leverage email to reconnect with patients in need of changes in medical management or additional consultation

  • Monitor patients with inconclusive testing results, and re-open patient cases as needed