For Genetics and Oncology Practices

Solutions for Genetics and Oncology Practices

Solutions that let you spend less time on admin and more time on patient care

Streamline Patient Intake

Gather patient information before the appointment.

Save Time on Admin Tasks

Auto-generate reports and documentation straight from CancerIQ 

Track Clinical Outcomes

Administrative-level reporting to quantify practice impact. 

Gather family history and cancer risk data with ease

Take the documentation burden off your staff and gather data directly from patients

  • Patients complete health and family history questions in the comfort of their own home

  • Email prompts remind the patient to complete the questionnaire before the appointment.

  • Appointments can be spent on patient care, rather than data collection


An interactive pedigree that does the work for you

A pedigree built for engagement 

  • Auto-generated pedigree can be used as a visual aid to guide family history discussions

  • Easily edit the pedigree in real-time and add notes in session while with the patient

  • Streamline insurance pre-authorization with print-ready pedigrees that include relevant annotations

Hassle-free test ordering

Never get hung up on testing paperwork

  • Test requisition forms from multiple lab vendors and forms for major insurance companies are integrated right into the CancerIQ platform to ensure fast and accurate test ordering.

  • Even the most onerous Insurance forms can be pre-populated by clicking a few buttons

  • Print out the necessary paperwork, send it off with the testing kit, and have peace of mind that you're done with documentation


Risk models in your back pocket

Immediately generate risk estimates to gather more insight

  • Risk models are always generated using the latest and most up-to-date guidelines

  • Easily keep a record of negative test results and generate risk models with one click to validate further testing

Generate documentation with one click

Cut out admin days for good

  • Generate patient-friendly letters for your patient and their family members

  • Pre-populate clinical documentation notes with data collected elsewhere in the CancerIQ platform

  • Seamlessly import all notes and documentation from CancerIQ into any EMR, including an image of the pedigree


Navigate Patients to Appropriate Care

Make an impact on long-term prevention and early detection

  • Ensure patients leave genetic counseling with a clear action plan

  • Monitor patients with inconclusive testing results, and re-open patient cases as needed

  • Send ongoing email communications to ensure your high risk patients stay on track