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Chris Bun, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Chris has a Bachelor’s and Masters in Computer Science from Loyola, and his PhD from the University of Chicago. Chris has a deep passion and understanding for computation, biology, genetics and sequencing technologies, and software engineering. His PhD research areas include computational acceleration through heterogeneous compute architectures, phylogenetic classification, genome assembly algorithm optimization, and phenotype classification using machine learning techniques.  At the University of Chicago, Chris architected and deployed an extensible computational framework for rapid and large-scale compute workflows, mainly aimed at short read de novo genome assembly.  With over 12 years of software development experience and 5 years as an instructor, Chris was eager to make the transition to commercial software development in 2014, as a senior developer at CancerIQ. In 2015, he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, where he serves as the lead architect and manager of the engineering team.