CancerIQ for  Preventative Care Providers


Improve cancer screening rates and diagnose cancers earlier with point-of-care cancer screening decision support

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The Solution

Staying Ahead of Cancer


CancerIQ makes it easy for preventative care providers to stratify patient cancer risk, and take action early. Clinicians on the front lines can engage patients with a simple screening questionnaire, run cancer risk models and order testing, and offer a more personalized plan to detect cancer early or prevent it altogether.

Patient Risk Assessment and Education

Engage patients with a simple questionnaire at the point of care, via mobile, tablet or email. Results are immediately logged in the EHR and prompt the clinician with recommended education, care plans, and diagnostics.


Quickly Identify Red Flags

Comprehensive screening for hereditary risk, lifestyle risk, and adherence risk factors. Understand the unique risk profile for each patient and get a broad view of their cancer risk beyond standard age-based screening criteria.

Integrated into EHR Clinical Workflows

The CancerIQ app is embedded into EHR workflows with guided actions presented within the patient record. Clinical staff can quickly see risk assessment details, recommended care plans, and test results within the screens of Epic, Cerner and other EHR platforms.

EHR Integration