The Ultimate Guide to Risk Assessment, Genetic Counseling, and Testing for Cancer Centers

What Your Cancer Center Needs to Know about Genetic Counseling and Risk Assessment 

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Cancer Center Needs in Genetics 

  • A systematic way to screen large populations of patients 
  • The ability to navigate patients to genetic services 
  • Visibility into patient compliance and downstream revenues 

Cancer Center Challenges in Genetics 

  • No way to screen patients efficiently and accurately 
  • Genetic services take too long to access 
  • No visibility into impact of genetic services  

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The Benefits of Your Genetic Counseling Program

Learn why it's important to have a genetic counseling program in your cancer center and what you seek to gain.   

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How to Start Your Genetic Counseling Program 

Learn how to start your genetic counseling program and screen all patients today. 

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How to Improve Your Genetic Counseling Program 

Learn how to optimize your genetic counseling program to ensure you are efficiently reaching the most patients. 

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