Expand access to precision cancer prevention, early detection & treatment

CancerIQ makes it easy for health systems to use genetic information to get ahead of cancer at scale. Our best-in-class, science-based platform is proven to double genetic counseling service capacity, quadruple genetic testing uptake & significantly improve screening compliance.








A comprehensive solution across the continuum of care

CancerIQ equips providers in any care setting to identify patients’ lifetime and hereditary cancer risk, use the most up-to-date guidance to improve uptake of genetic testing, and increase adherence to personalized cancer care plans — all integrated into EHR workflows. On-demand patient education, telegenetic counseling and virtual health navigation help scale any program, shift cancer diagnoses to earlier stages, and generate downstream revenue.


What differentiates us


Up-to-date clinical guidance at your fingertips

CancerIQ offers a robust content library of evidence-based guidelines and risk models to help providers interpret data real-time and navigate patients to the appropriate genetic testing, screening, or treatment interventions.


Customized workflow planning & implementation

To ensure CancerIQ fits within your existing workflow, our team conducts an initial observation and collaborates with your team to develop the best design. Our suite of customer success services will help you optimize your program.

Patient Survey

Industry-leading patient engagement surveys

CancerIQ's simple screening tools allow frontline providers to engage patients and understand their unique cancer risk profile, including hereditary, lifestyle and adherence risk factors. Our screeners are patient friendly and inclusive with high readability and comprehension.


Stand up a program with or without EHR integration

Use CancerIQ on its own or integrate it directly with your EHR. Whichever you choose, you'll still have access to one click generation of consult notes, progress notes, patient and family letters, education, and standardized documentation.


Enjoy a full suite of testing vendors and options

CancerIQ works with multiple leading genetic testing labs, so you aren't locked in to just one. Order tests from your vendor of choice – all without leaving our software platform, and reduce your compliance and legal risk.


Good for patients and good for business

To make the case for your high or average risk program, CancerIQ tracks the overall clinical and financial performance of the program, measuring downstream revenue and identifying opportunities to grow patient impact.


Software for providers in any clinical setting

CancerIQ's risk stratification and recommendation engine helps clinicians segment patients by risk level, engage and educate patients, and generate care plan recommendations. Our automated documentation and test ordering tools are built directly into your workflow to streamline and guide shared decision making and patient activation at the point of care. 

Oncology & Genetics


Increase patient access and improve staff productivity by automating the genetic counseling process and reducing admin work.

Breast Centers


Improve profitability and patient impact with all the tools you need to start, run, and grow a high-risk breast program.


Trusted by diverse healthcare systems nationwide

CancerIQ is partnering with more than 200 clinical locations around the country to help them realize the clinical and financial benefits of risk-based cancer screening at the population level.


"As a genetic counselor you want to be able to work with those patients that have a personal or family history of cancer that are getting a referral. But, there are just so many patients out there that are not getting that opportunity. CancerIQ is not only helping me in my everyday job to reduce my administrative workload, reduce the burnout of my staff, but it's also helping us as an organization find more of our at-risk patients."

"There's really no other platform that can help us do what we're trying to do here in our breast center to manage and navigate our high-risk breast patients – our key stakeholders all see the value in it, too. The CancerIQ questionnaire for patients has been a big game changer in that it addresses a much more comprehensive set of genetic, hereditary, and lifestyle risk factors for these women."

"Through our partnership with CancerIQ, we’ve been able to scale a small grassroots genetic testing program into a system-wide initiative to help our primary care providers get ahead of cancer. CancerIQ’s seamless integration with the EMR and high-touch customer success team has not only taken the burden off our IT teams and support staff, but made our health system truly stand out against competitors."


MarinHealth Medical Center needed support to offer navigation and genetic services in its high-risk breast health center that was missing patients, burdened by admin tasks, and struggling to justify cost.


CancerIQ streamlined their genetic services workflow, automating the documentation process, and providing a management portal for follow-up on medical management recommendations. 


With CancerIQ, the risk-identified referrals rose from 46% to 78%, genetics service capacity grew 3.9x — from 132 consults per year to 521 consults annually, and the program was able to track transparent downstream revenue directly in the platform.


Prior to CIQ, the Sharp healthcare cancer genetics team was relying on a traditional pedigree tool that was limiting specialist productivity, creating documentation challenges, and ultimately missing thousands of patients eligible for high-risk services.


Only 51% of patients were completing their intake forms, and even though they had a digital pedigree creator, it didn’t allow for live edits, negating whatever time savings it would have offered. Similarly, that solution did not provide templates for notes and documentation, creating redundancies that bogged down the work low with repeatable tasks.


After switching to CancerIQ’s digital tools, which supported all of these needs, Sharp Healthcare experienced a more robust, efficient and effective program. This included a 68% improvement in family history questionnaire completion, and a 41% increase in service capacity with existing staff.


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