Grow a High-Risk Breast Program With CancerIQ

Identifying and engaging high-risk patients can be a challenge for busy breast centers. CancerIQ can help.

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Personalize care for every high-risk patient

One-size-fits-all breast cancer screening too often leaves high- and rising-risk patients behind and limits breast center referral volume and growth. CancerIQ makes it easy to provide cancer risk assessment for every patient who walks through the door.  Start maximizing the clinical and financial impact of your high-risk breast program.

Identify, Navigate, & Manage More High-Risk Patients

Improve Day-to-Day Provider Productivity & Efficiency

Grow Breast MRI & Prophylactic Surgical Volume


What differentiates us

Breast center providers including mammography techs, nurses, and clinicians, as well as the patients they serve deserve a tool that helps them follow, and then act on, the most current sets of guidelines without having to disrupt their workflow. The combination of our technology, patient-friendly tools and experienced team helps breast imaging staff save time, identify more women with risk factors, and improve adherence to recommended care plans.


Differentiate your program

With CancerIQ's tools to not only identify but act on genetic risk, your high-risk program will stand apart from competitors in your area


Identify more high-risk patients

Our streamlined platform automates both Tyrer-Cuzick and NCCN guidelines, ensuring you capture every patient at elevated risk


Measure downstream services revenue

Make the business case for your breast center's high-risk program with trackable data on preventive services revenue like breast MRIs, prophylactic mastectomies, and more


Incorporate genetic testing services

We partner with all the leading labs and additional genetic services teams. Whether you just need the tools to order tests or more to bridge resources gaps, we can help.


Meet NAPBC accreditation standards

Evolve your breast center into a comprehensive center for prevention and early detection, earning accreditation stands


Improve patient adherence

Empower your patients to stay on top of recommended care plans for breast MRI and other clinical services with the right reminders, at the right time

See the new Tyrer-Cuzick 8 Risk Calculator in Action (1)

The CancerIQ Tyrer-Cuzick 8 Risk Calculator

The new CancerIQ Risk Score Calculator brings comprehensive risk assessment into leading EHR workflows by seamlessly populating Tyrer-Cuzick scores (7 & 8), as well as NCCN guidelines. Breast centers now have a new option to quickly capture and effectively calculate breast cancer risks, determine their patients’ eligibility for genetic testing and counseling, and maintain workflow efficiency. 


Time-saving software for life-saving work

Breast center providers including mammography techs, nurses, and clinicians, as well as the patients they serve deserve a tool that helps them follow, and then act on, the most current sets of guidelines without having to disrupt their workflow. 





Engage patients with accessible risk assessments and education

Keep mammography patients engaged and adherent with a simple questionnaire delivered prior to the appointment or at the point of care. CancerIQ makes it easy to gather key inputs about family history, lifestyle and compliance to personalize your breast center patients' care.

  • CHECK Interactive family history
  • CHECK Lifestyle and adherence risk
  • CHECK Point-of-care questionnaires
  • CHECK Digital, remote engagement




Breast Cancer Risk Models and Up-to-Date NCCN Guidelines

Make it easy for your providers, who are managing a full slate of patients, to utilize the most up-to-date clinical guidance. Our software automates the calculation of Tyrer-Cuzick lifetime risk models & identifies potential mutation carriers eligible for breast MRI using the NCCN guidelines.. 

  • CHECK Our risk stratification engine
  • CHECK NCCN screening guidelines
  • CHECK Tyrer-Cuzick; Gail; Claus models
  • CHECK Recommended screening options

Make the business case for your high-risk breast program with analytics & revenue tracking

As with any transformative initiative in healthcare, successfully implementing and/or maturing a high-risk breast program requires obtaining buy-in from numerous stakeholders – and our analytics can help you make your business case. Measure how your breast center program yields downstream preventive service revenue from high-risk screenings, track quality measures, conversion rates, and care plans adherence, all from our platform. CancerIQ will also provide detailed analytics to help you understand the overall performance of your high-risk program. 


What our customers say about us

“I couldn't manage my patient load without CancerIQ. I feel it is so important for any office or clinic to have available."


“CancerIQ has helped us evolve from being a breast imaging center, to being a more comprehensive center for prevention and early detection."


MarinHealth and Optum Launch New Strategic Relationship to Streamline  Administrative Functions and Improve the Patient Experience in Marin  County, California | Business Wire

"I have found exactly what I needed in CancerIQ. Patients are much more engaged in the appointment because we can walk through the completed pedigree and discuss their risk, rather than spend time collecting information. The test ordering integration is also amazing and saves me so much time on paperwork."


“With CancerIQ, we’ve added additional high-risk screenings for patients who would otherwise just be coming in for mammograms and going home.” 


“The CancerIQ product is indispensable in the day to day work of our high risk clinic."


“The CancerIQ technology helped us overcome barriers to identifying women at increased risk for cancer by simplifying the screening process, providing immediate determination of patient risk, and reducing stress levels for both our patients and mammography technicians.”


"It's so much easier to serve the right patients now that we have an electronic way to track them, and to get the referrals we need to feed our clinic. "


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"NAPBC Accreditation was a long-time goal of our program. We brought together a multi—specialty group, and with CancerIQ in place we able to rise to meet the standards of screening, evaluation, navigation, and management."

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Scale Faster with CancerIQ Complete

Ready to start, run, or grow your high-risk breast cancer program, but need more wraparound support? Plug into CancerIQ Complete, our full suite of virtual navigation and genetic counseling services. Instantly scale access to precision prevention and bridge resource gaps with virtual genetics navigation, education, counseling and care plan follow-up.

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