CancerIQ for Breast  Centers

Improve profitability and patient outcomes with all the tools you need to start, run, and grow a high-risk breast program

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The Solution

Breast Centers

CancerIQ makes it easy for breast centers to provide cancer risk assessment for every patient who walks through the door. The combination of our technology, patient-friendly tools and experienced team helps breast imaging staff save time, identify more women with risk factors, and improve adherence to recommended care plans. With CancerIQ, you can maximize the clinical and financial impact of your high-risk breast program.

Patient Risk Assessment and Education

Engage mammography patients with a simple questionnaire delivered prior to the appointment or at the point of care. CancerIQ makes it easy to gather key inputs about family history, lifestyle and adherence to standard cancer screenings.

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Breast Cancer Risk Models and More

Automate the calculation of Tyrer-Cuzick lifetime risk models. Enhance by using the NCCN guidelines to identify potential mutation carriers eligible for breast MRI.

Track Outcomes and Downstream Revenue

Measure how the breast center program yields downstream preventive service revenue. CancerIQ provides detailed analytics to understand the overall performance of your high-risk program.  Track quality measures, conversion rates and care plan adherence to continually optimize the process and make the business case.