CancerIQ Solutions for Oncology

Increase patient access and improve staff productivity by automating the genetic counseling process and reducing admin work.

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The Solution

Scale Genetic Expertise

CancerIQ makes it easy for oncology programs to expand access to genetic counseling and testing services. CancerIQ not only automates the genetic evaluation process to increase staff productivity and build clinical confidence, but it tracks program outcomes and helps measure the downstream clinical and financial benefits.

Detailed Family History and Lifestyle Risk Assessment

Interactive digital questionnaire to gather detailed family history and lifestyle inputs.


Automated Pedigree Builder with Editing Capabilities

Create and edit multi-generational pedigrees with interactive online builder.

Embedded Genetic Testing Marketplace

Prompt genetic testing with a clear menu of available panels from multiple labs. CancerIQ has partnered with all major genetic testing labs to create a "one-stop-shop" for ordering tests, creating payer authorization forms, sharing patient education materials and logging the test results.

Genetic Test Ordering
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Comprehensive Cancer Risk Models

Quickly calculate lifetime cancer risk models for patient family members at risk

Clinical Guidelines for Medical Management

Leverage CancerIQ's license to the NCCN guidelines to understand next steps for all patients based on genetic testing results and risk factors. Use CancerIQ to also manage precision prevention plans over time.

Care Plans

Clinical and Financial Outcomes Measurement

Track performance metrics to improve program efficiency and measure downstream revenue.