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Start, Run and Grow a Cancer Risk Assessment Program

With CancerIQ

Identify Patients with  Genetic Risk Factors

Take the data-collection burden off your staff by offering patients an easy risk assessment questionnaire in the waiting room that takes less than 5 minutes. CancerIQ's user-friendly screening tools allow you to replace long paper forms and quickly identify the 20% of your population eligible for counseling, testing or MRI. 

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Streamline the Evaluation Process

Most genetic specialist spend 50% of their time on admin work, effectively reducing their appointment capacity. CancerIQ’s modern productivity tools streamline genetics appointments and reduce manual paperwork so providers can offer an enhanced patient experience. 

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Manage Cancer Risk Over Time

Once patients have been identified as high-risk, CancerIQ helps you move beyond a manual spread sheet to track patient outcomes over time. Providers can utilize CancerIQ’s custom emails and education to keep patients engaged and improve long-term outcomes. 

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Healthcare providers around the country trust us to deliver a better patient experience

“There is nothing more important to us than preventing breast cancer- or catching it early- and CancerIQ allows us to find the women that need to be monitored the most closely.”
Kruti McDonald - Physician Assistant, Montclair Breast Center

Kruti McDonald
Physician Assistant, Montclair Breast Center

“The quality of reports and data that CancerIQ generates is outstanding. All the risk models and family history is already there so I don't need to pull from multiple areas to understand a patient's risk. The software has not only streamlined my workflow but also enhanced patient engagement levels.”
Dr. Candace Westgate DO, MPH, FACOG, Adventist St. Helena

Dr. Candace Westgate
DO, MPH, FACOG, Adventist St. Helena

“With CancerIQ, we can collect a complete family history, understand who is at risk and act. As opposed to collecting the information by hand, CancerIQ helps us catch the rare family cancer which has helped us identify much more patients with an increased risk of hereditary cancer who are eligible for medical management changes.”
Dr. Caroline Peterson DO, FACOOG, Progressive Women's Healthcare, Kettering Network

Dr. Caroline Peterson
DO, FACOOG, Progressive Women's Healthcare, Kettering Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CancerIQ integrate with EMRs?

Yes.  CancerIQ was built with the latest, most modern technology over the last three years.  As a result, CancerIQ can communicate with any EMR system on the market. To get started and integrate with a new EMR vendor (or any other type of centralized technology), it helps if the customer makes the introduction.

We have a large population that isn't very computer-saavy. Are CancerIQ's tools patient-friendly?

We started this company by testing our software on various patient populations, including thousands of elderly patients.  Our data indicates that 85% of patients can complete the questionnaire without staff assistance because we’ve been thoughtful about three features:

  • One question per page so the questionnaire is conversational in nature
  • Nice, large buttons with limited free text entry
  • If we identify any question that’s taking longer than the norm, we will revisit how that question is asked until patients from all population can complete it

Is CancerIQ web-based?

Yes, it’s fully web-based.  The benefits to you is less IT resources.  Additionally, Cancer IQ can always stay up to date.  We use the NCCN guidelines to identify patients who are at risk and generate a library of clinical management recommendations.  Given how often they change, we recommend our customers stay cloud-based so we can update the algorithms behind the scenes automatically.

How can this work for our organization?

The key to successfully engaging high risk patients throughout the care continuum is recognizing that each of your clinical areas and functions, each of your providers, and each care setting is different.  Our system is built to flexibly address the needs of each. Over a third of our company is dedicated to supporting our clients and ensuring they’re successful. Your assigned CS team will work closely with you to understand current workflow, determine best practices and create an implementation plan complementary to your current systems/processes

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Meet The Team

Our Leadership

Feyi Olopade Ayodele, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Feyi received both her Bachelor’s and MBA from The Wharton School. Prior to CancerIQ, she worked as a management consultant, investor, and investment banker at McKinsey, Actis LLP, and Credit Suisse respectively.


Haibo Lu, MBA
VP of Product and Customer Success

Haibo received his Bachelor’s in Economics and Psychology at Harvard University and his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Haibo started his career as a research analyst at AQR Capital Management. 


Chris Bun, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Chris has a Bachelor’s and Masters in Computer Science from Loyola, and his PhD from the University of Chicago.