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Manage High-Risk Patients Over Time

With the CancerIQ High-Risk Program and Manager, providers can can improve long-term outcomes for high-risk patients.
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Navigate Patients to the Right Care

CancerIQ High-Risk Program

Improve patient adherence to personalized cancer prevention and survivorship care plans, through ongoing patient engagement and self-management tools.

CancerIQ Manager

Modern tools to help providers manage patients according to their risk-based care plan, and offer ongoing engagement to reduce risk over time.

Key Features

Coordinate Care

More formally document the patients managed by your high-risk program and those managed by their PCP.

Improve Compliance

Enhance care plans by specifying timelines and the frequency of screening interventions.

Focused Outreach

Identify all patients due for an intervention so you can streamline outreach and improve adherence rate.

Real-Time Feedback

CancerIQ automatically sends email reminders and education that keep patients engaged with their plan and inform you of their progress.

Offer Support

Follow up with patients that need more help deciding on management changes, so you can offer support.

Stay One Step Ahead 

Use data on patient compliance to identify barriers to meeting care plan goals.
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