New SMART on FHIR “App” Version of CancerIQ

Use CancerIQ within your EHR and at the point of care to conduct genetic cancer risk assessments and take immediate action to educate patients and navigate care.

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Clinical Use Cases

CancerIQ is designed to flexibly fit into existing workflows in the following clinical settings:

Cancer Centers

Find patients eligible for genetic testing and counseling without burning out staff.

Breast Centers

Run Tyrer-Cuzick risk models and find patients eligible for breast MRIs without disrupting workflow.

Women's health & Primary Care

Offer patients more personalized cancer screening recommendations, and improve cancer screening compliance rates.

Why EHR Apps

As a health system, CancerIQ can help improve patient outcomes, lower the per capita cost of care, and help your population stay ahead of cancer. Because CancerIQ is now embedded directly within workflow, the earliest adopters of CancerIQ’s EHR-integrated products have seen the following outcomes:

Higher family history data collection and identification of at-risk patients

More uniform provider adoption of CancerIQ screening across the system

Better compliance with genetic testing and cancer screening recommendations

New SMART on FHIR “App” Version of CancerIQ

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