See the CancerIQ Tyrer-Cuzick 8 Risk Calculator in Action

The new CancerIQ Risk Score Calculator brings comprehensive risk assessment into leading EHR workflows by seamlessly populating Tyrer-Cuzick scores (7 & 8), as well as NCCN guidelines. With this direct integration, providers can natively capture patient risk factors within their existing software to determine eligibility for breast MRIs, all while automatically sending the data to and from CancerIQ’s comprehensive platform.


Learn how CancerIQ can bring comprehensive risk assessments into your EHR

Breast centers now have a new option to quickly capture and effectively calculate breast cancer risks, determine their patients’ eligibility for genetic testing and counseling, and maintain workflow efficiency. During this short demo, we'll show you how CancerIQ can help you het the most out of your EHR and power your high-risk program by integrating our new risk calculator.

  • See examples of our risk assessment questionnaires and patient education tools
  • See our documentation templates for clinical notes, patient letters and insurance documentation
  • Hear customer success stories with real clinical and financial outcomes, including revenue metrics and analytics
  • Meet, maintain, and report on new FDA regulations and NAPBC accreditation standards requiring breast density reporting

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You'll connect with our specialists, who will work with you to find a personalize software and services solution tailor-fit to your unique clinical workflow. We'll present simple, seamless implementation opportunities.


Walk away with an in-depth and tailored understanding of how your organization and you will benefit from the CancerIQ platform. You'll know what outcomes you can expect, including program efficiency and downstream revenue projections - with a custom ROI model based on your patient volumes. After the demo, you'll receive a complete scope and pricing proposal for budget planning


Get Ahead of Cancer

Identify More High-Risk Patients

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Navigate More Patients to Specialty Care


CancerIQ has a bold vision to end cancer as we know it by empowering health systems to scale early cancer detection and prevention to all patient populations. The CancerIQ platform makes it easy to gather comprehensive patient data, automatically map it to the latest evidence-based guidelines, and manage hyper-personalized care plans within existing EHR workflows. We help health systems identify more patients who would benefit from preventive care, improving patient outcomes, lowering the cost of care and driving downstream revenue.

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