Expand your Cancer Risk Program via Telehealth

With CancerIQ's complete telehealth cancer-risk platform you can virtually screen for cancer predisposition, identify high-risk patients through testing and genetic counseling, and manage their care.

Cancer doesn't stop for COVID-19. Patient safety is vital and early detection is the best way to combat cancer, improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Converting programs virtually via telehealth is the way forward to keep early detection going strong.

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End-to-End Solution for Cancer Risk Programs

Screen and Identify High-Risk Patients

Engage patients with the CancerIQ Screening Toolkit, a short and easy digital questionnaire that can be completed anywhere and allows patient capture of detailed family history and immediately flags patients for counseling, testing and MRI eligibility.

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Manager Hero

Evaluate and Manage Patients

Facilitate comprehensive virtual programs with the CancerIQ Specialist and Manager. It features a robust GC workflow with pedigree, order-guidance for appropriate genetic testing, auto-creation of medical necessity forms for payers, and digital patient engagement to drive subsequent visits and treatment adherence.

Key Features

Replace In-Person Paper Forms and In-Office Sharing of Digital Tools

Patients can complete a short digital questionnaire in the comfort of their own home on their own device.

Improve Access to Care and Patient Outcomes

Keep a continued focus on patient safety and on improving patient outcomes and quality of life with early detection and treatment.

Capture Everyone at Risk

Utilize the latest NCCN and USPSTF guidelines and Tyrer-Cuzick to identify patients eligible for counseling, testing or MRI.

Instantly Report Results

To not disturb workflow, CancerIQ automatically calculates risk results in digital form so you can communicate patient risk in real-time.

Navigate to Genetics, Remotely

To improve patient uptake of genetic services, CancerIQ has features to collect patient interest and record appointment availability right at the point of care.

Electronic Genetic Testing Orders and Results

Lab orders are electronically sent to testing labs of your choice, with results received back into CancerIQ and the EHR. Our lab partnerships enable the direct drop-shipment of test kits to patients' homes, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

Patient Data Entry

Data entered by the patient from home is immediately available in a clean registry. Staff can easily edit information and update the patient's risk score if appropriate.

Automatic Follow-up

Start sending customized emails to patients based on their risk factors and response status. Supplement email outreach by using CancerIQ to manage phone call lists and mass mailers.

Cloud Pedigree Tool

Engage and educate patients remotely with our robust online pedigree tool.

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